A highly interactive class taught by Pastor Ed Kreiner. It begins at 7 pm, in Holy Grounds Coffee House, and dismisses promptly at 8:25 – allowing time for those with youth, children and infants to be available as their activities come to a close. During the evening coffee, tea and hot chocolate is provided. Also, many people bring snacks to share throughout the evening. Holy Grounds Coffee Shop is easily seen to your left once  you enter the front doors of Building 1. Check out Pastor Ed Kreiner’s current series below, and download the notes individually or for the entire series of you wish.

Inductive Study of the Gospel of Luke
Gospel of Luke


This weekly Bible Study on the Gospel of Luke serves two purposes:

  • To teach and develop an Inductive approach to the study of the Bible
  • To practice the Inductive Bible Study methodology in a classroom setting utilizing the Book of Luke


Click on the following  link for a 15 minute introduction to Inductive Bible Study by Pastor Ed Kreiner –> http://vimeo.com/73924119

If you are interested in downloading the PDF of the entire series, click here > LUKE: The Entire Series.

Apr 22  
Luke 13 1-9
May 6  
Luke 13 18-22

May 13  
Luke 13 23-30

May 20 
Luke 13 31-35
Jun 3 
Luke 14 7-14

Jun 10 
Luke 14 15-24

Jul 1  
No Midweek Service

Aug 12  
Special Guest Rick Allen
Aug 26
Luke 18 1-8

Sep 2 
Luke 18 9-14

Sep 9  
Special Topic:
Spiritual Warfare
Sep 18 
Luke 18 9-14
Sep 23 
Luke 18 15-17
Sep 30  
Luke 18 18-30

Oct 7 
Luke 18 31-34

Oct 14 
Luke 18 35-43

Oct 21 
Luke 19 1-10

Oct 28
Luke 19 11-27

The Spirit-Empowered Life!
Not A Fan
Discipleship Course
This is an interactive 8-week discipleship course. It is God’s plan that all people move from being an unbeliever to a believer; a believer to a follower; a follower to a disciple; and a disciple into a fully developed Christian (reflecting the image and stature of Jesus Christ). Pastor Ed recognizes that most of this journey is accomplished in an environment of discipleship. This course addresses the following eight dimensions of discipleship:

  1. Live by the Spirit (A Disciple’s Identity)
  2. Live in the Truth (A Disciple’s Reality)
  3. Live by Faith (A Disciple’s Response to God’s Word)
  4. Live in Hope (A Disciple’s Response to Adversity)
  5. Live in Love (A Disciples’s Response to God’s Love)
  6. Live for the Kingdom of God (A Disciples’s Response to the King)
  7. Live for the Eternal (A Disciple’s Response to the Present World)
  8. Live for the Glory of God (A Disciple’s Response to the Excellence of God)

*This entire 40 page Bible Study Course can be downloaded free of charge in the following formats

Angelology – The Study of Angels

Please find the Student Handouts available for download below:

Pneumatology – The Study of the Holy Spirit

Please find the Student Handouts available for download below:

Biblical Anthropology – The Biblical Study of Man

Please find the Student Handouts available for download below: