Interested in checking out Meridian Assembly, but not sure what to expect?

Hey, we get it! It is often very unsettling to look into going somewhere new, especially if you don’t already know anyone there. On this page, we’ll acquaint you with some elements of our church so that you’ll have one less thing to worry about.

We look forward to meeting you when you come!

Here are some Frequently Asked Questions:

Got a Sermon I Can Check Out?
Absolutely! Check out our recent sermons. Click Here
Can I Wear Jeans?
The short answer: Yes! Now for the long answer:
Church is no longer a dress-up occasion for many people. Some folks still prefer suit, ties and “Sunday” clothes, while others enjoy attending church in levis or casual clothes. It has become traditional to welcome the long-awaited summer by sporting Hawaiian shirts and dresses between Memorial Day and Labor Day. Sometmes these bright garbs show up while there is still a little frost on the window! You will always recognize our ushers at Meridian Assembly. They are all dressed in blue blazers and dress slacks – to be easily identified. The bottom line is this – come as you are … just come!

What About My Kids?
nursery pixMeridian Assembly places a very high priority on your children. Our nursery is a sanitary, state of the art facility, staffed by professional administrators and caring parents. On Sunday morning, while mom and dad are  in “big people church” your children will be attending a children’s worship and teaching church service that is designed especially for them. The children meet according to age levels, from birth through 6th grade.
When Do You Meet and Where?
Christian Education (Sunday School) for all ages meets September through May at 9:00 am.

Church service meets for all ages at 10:15 am and is normally done around 11:30 am.

Check out Our Contact Page for driving directions

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Do You Have a Newcomer's Center?
We do! We call it our Welcome Center and you’ll find it just to the left of the entry when you come through the front door.

The foyer is unclutterd. As you enter the front doors you will be greeted by a Host/Greeter who will give you a bulletin (program) relating to that Sunday. They will gladly answer any questions you may have and help direct you to the Nursery, Children’s Church, Bathrooms and seating. You will notice a well marked Welcome Center to the left of the front doors once you are inside the building. Here you can find friendly people who will go a step beyond greeting you – they will personally guide you to any location you may need help locating. After the church service you will have a gift of home-cooked cookies awaiting you at the Welcome Center. You simply need to swing by and pick them up. When you pick up your cookies you will also receive a “Coffee Card” at the Welcome Center which is good for coffee/drinks and donuts for you and your family at Holy Grounds Coffee Shop. The Coffee Shop is located just a few feet left of the Welcome Center.

What About Food & Coffee?
Holy Grounds is our coffee shop located in the east side of the foyer. As you come into the front of the church building it will be the large room about 30 feet to your left. Holy Grounds is open after each morning church service, providing a relaxing atmosphere for those that are not in a rush to hit the long lines at the restaurants. Here you will find 20 tables, professional and courteous baristas, Holy Grounds Hosts who will answer any questions you may have about the church. As a first time guest we are honored to treat you and your family to specialized coffee (or other drinks) and donuts. Normally pastor Ed and Kathi have an opportunity to stop by each table for a brief, informal visit.
Can I Meet the Pastor?
Absolutely! Pastor Ed and Kathi are eager to meet anyone in the church, new or old! As mentioned above, they usually pass from table to table in Holy Grounds Coffee Shop just after the church service. But beyond that,  we’ve also set up an event we like to call Coffee & Cobbler with the Kreiners. Once every couple months Pastor Ed and Kathi Kreiner sponser a relaxing time to get to know those who are newer to the church. This informal snack time takes place immediately following the morning church service for about 45 minutes. You and your family will meet with the pastors in a private room along with a few other people who are newer to the church.