Hey there!

Below is our schedule for this summer’s Fellowship Intensive. Unfortunately, we are required to have a permission slip on file for each instance of the event. This means that those times we go off-site, we are required to have a separate permission slip. This is dictated by our insurance carrier.

Thank you for your understanding. To make it easier for you, I’ve included [b]all[/b] of the events for the Fellowship Intensive on this page so you can download them all at once.

Thanks for your understanding.

~ Pastor Nathaniel Smith

Medical Release Form

[One Required Per Student Family (yes, you can name each of your children in youth on the same form). This form is good for the full year unless your insurance information changes.]

Permission Slips

[As mentioned above, each event requires its own unique permission slip. If you have multiple teens in the youth group, you can fill one permission slip as long as it names each of your children.]