Sunday 9:00 & 10:15, Wednesday 7:00pm  | 6 weeks – Younger Two’s | Nursery

The Nursery is a loving and caring environment that has an Infant, Crawler and Toddler rooms. The Toddler classroom introduces the children to a short, structured lesson.100721_22_aboutusimage1onright

PRESCHOOLERS   age 3 – Kindergarten
Sunday 9:00 | Sunday School      Sunday 10:15  | Class

Encourages children to light up for God. Preschoolers are taught by dedicated, energetic and loving leaders. Large group worship and story time, craft time and activities.

Sunday 9:00 |  Sunday School  | group classes by grade         Sunday 10:15  | Kid’s Church

Led by our Children’s Pastor and volunteers, children learn biblical truths and how to apply Bible concepts to their everyday lives and have fun doing it.  Our older elementary students help mentor the younger students.

Wednesday 7:00 – 8:30pm  | Rainbows, Daises, Prims, Stars, Friends, and Girls Only

Girls Ministries is an exciting club for girls, beginning at 3 years old and continuing through high school.

Girls Ministries is the Titus 2 principle put into action, with women training young girls. Preschool boys are also a part of this ministry (Rainbows Club) and will move to Royal Rangers when enrolled in Kindergarten.

Rainbows Club  Preschool boys & girls ages 2 and up

Noah’s Ark provides an exciting theme for the Bible stories, crafts, full-color activity pages, and games. Rainbows add colorful animal badges to their vests as they complete requirements for the achievement program.

Daisies: The Sonshine Club  Kindergarten girls

Darcy, Diana, and Dorie (paper dolls) help Daisies make life applications from the Bible stories and principles they learn. Daisies earn colorful badges depicting these club characters as they complete requirements for the achievement program. Four-week units allow visitors to fit in right away. Club sponsors an girls select the nine units they want to complete during the year.

Prims: The Discovery Club  1st & 2nd grade girls

Megan, Carmen, Kim, and Tonya (paper dolls) guide Prims through life-application stories as the girls learn Biblical principles. The Discovery Box stores lesson-related objects to be displayed during lesson time to make learning even more fun. Prims earn colorful badges depicting these club characters as they complete requirements for the achievement program.

Stars:  3rd – 5th grade girls

Girls make their way up the Stairway of the Stars achievement program as they complete units in the four worlds: The World of Truth (basic Christian doctrine), The World Around You (missions), The World About You (character development). Memorization, projects, and Bible reading are all a part of completing the achievement program as an Honor Star.

Friends:  6th – 8th grade girls

Provides discussion-oriented lessons to continue the Titus 2 principle of women mentoring young girls. Topics of study include the sanctity of life, accountability, commitment to Christ, life-controlling problems, purity, and choices. Units are made up of six lessons. Projects and adventures add to each unit. The completion of unit requirements and Bible reading make a girl eligible to be a Friends Graduate.

Girls Only:  9th – 12th grade girls (meet Sunday 9:00 am)

Provides discussion-oriented lessons to facilitate spiritual growth in teenage girls, while helping them become the women God created them to be.


Wednesday 7:00 – 8:30pm  | Ranger Kids, Discovery Rangers, Adventure Rangers, Expedition Rangers

Royal Rangers is an adventure-packed, achievement-based club ministry for boys from Kindergarten – 12th grade.  Preschool boys are also a part of this ministry (Rainbows Club) and will move to Royal Rangers when enrolled in Kindergarten.The program provides Christ-like character formation and servant leadership development for boys and young men in a highly relational and fun environment. Our mission is to evangelize, equip and empower the next generation for Christ-like men and lifelong servant leaders – to reach, teach, and keep boys for Christ.

Note for boys preschool age – the Rainbows Club is  for boys & girls ages 2 and up. Preschool boys move to Royal Rangers when enrolled in Kindergarten)

Ranger Kids  Kindergarten – 2nd grade boys

The trail to fun and adventure is an exciting program for boys. This age group participate in great fun and will allow them to develop their interests and needs as well as mold their character.

Discovery Rangers  3rd – 5th grade boys

Not only do the boys discover great outdoor and indoor activities, he will make many new friends.

Adventure Rangers  6th – 8th grade young men

A Ranger is one who explores new frontiers, so the Adventure Ranger will explore new areas as he learns the history of Royal Rangers and takes advantage of opportunities for the future.

Expedition Rangers  9th – 12th grade young men (meet Sunday 9:00 am)

“Spirit Challenge” is a weekly Bible study developed specifically for older teens. There are also over one hundred different silver merits providing tremendous options to learn different skills, participate in sports and youth ministries.



JUNIOR BIBLE QUIZ (JBQ) – open to 1st-6th grade boys and girls

JBQ is a Bible memory program where youngsters are given an opportunity to “hide God’s Word in their hearts”.  Using a question-answer format, quizzers compete with Assembly of God churches across the district with opportunities to advance to state, regional and national competitions.

TEEN BIBLE QUIZ (TBQ) – open to 7th – 12th grade youth 

Teen Bible Quiz allows teens to engage the Bible while memorizing its stories and events for recall in a friendly competition among local churches. Practices take place each Sunday at 12:45.  Quiz Matches take place at various locations in the Treasure Valley.