Growth Groups

Growth Groups meet throughout the Treasure Valley!

Growth Groups are small groups which meet weekly for 7 to 9 weeks for the purpose of growing, learning, having fun and serving others. Each semester introduces a new blend of group possibilities.

The following types of groups are what you can expect. The mix changes from semester to semester. We will post the Growth Group Catalog here as soon as it becomes available.

  • Hot Topic Groups – These groups differ from the Bible Study groups in that they are focused on topics of interest. They range from parenting, end times, fruit of the Spirit, Discipleship,etc. Sometimes the Hot Topics group will read and discuss a common book of interest.
  • Bible Study Groups – Just like they sound, these groups delve into a book or books of the Bible.
  • Interest Groups – This includes a wide range of interests from art, drama, mountain biking, quilt making, skeet shooting, swimming, fly-tying, cooking, snow-boarding, safety, cartooning, etc. Each time you meet you will have a time of spiritual focus followed by a shared activity time.
  • Freedom Groups – These Growth Groups focus on individual support of each participant. They include such topics as Dealing with Grief, Overcoming Addictions, and Dealing with Trauma from one’s past.
  • Health and Wellness Groups – Those interested in exercise, health, running, walking, gym work, weight training, gymnastics, dance and dieting will find this an interesting opportunity to meet with others with like interests and to share some Biblical insights along the journey.
  • Dinner and Devotion – Much like Dinners for 8, these folks meet on a weekly basis, sharing fellowship over a dinner and an opportunity to highlight a Biblical topic that food for the soul.