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Ed Kreiner

Senior Pastor
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While serving in the U.S. Navy in southern Spain, Kathi and I committed our lives to Jesus Christ. We were greatly impacted by that Christian community.  As the Jesus movement swept across the United States, we too were captured by the revival that marked that era.

We were caught up in the spirit of evangelism.  We studied and memorized the Scriptures. We enjoyed authentic relationships with the people in our social network, challenging each other to “love and good works”. We prayed enthusiastically, worshipped with exuberance and faced the challenges of life with a vibrant faith. The high water mark of personal revival had been etched in our lives forever.

As Pastors of Meridian Assembly it is now our privilege to pass it on to others. Our calling from God is to pastor Meridian Assembly, which we have done since 1992. Kathi and I have endeavored to create a passionate, evangelistic and spiritually encouraging environment. This is a new day, a new people, facing new challenges. I trust, as you are introduced to our ministry, you will recognize two life-changing facts, first, that the Bible is brimming with contemporary applications, and second, that God sends personal revival to everyone who truly wants it – regardless of the day in which we live.

Nathaniel Smith

Youth & Young Adult Pastor

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